Printed Labels

Satin Printed Labels

Cotton Printed labels

Tyvek Printed Labels

Satin printed labels are great if you are looking for making custom labels to go into t-shirts or infant clothing. As they are very soft to the skin. It’s also a great option if you are making custom care/content labels.

Cotton printed labels are soft, natural looking labels suitable for used as a neck label or for outer branding of garment and accessories. The cotton labels are printed with flexographic ink and the material is only available in a natural beige color and limited substrates. But cotton material can be bleached or dyed to the pantones you want for a fee.

Tyvek printed labels are most commonly seen on pillows and furniture like sofas, chairs and mattresses. Tyvek is a non-tear woven paper substrate and is very sturdy. Tyvek printed labels can be also used as care labels on the side seams of garments. But we don’t recommend Tyvek to be touching skin, as it can be irritable. Tyvek is only available in white.