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Woven Labels

The Woven labels are the most common and economical way of branding and identifying your garments or products. Woven labels, you can place them on purses, luggage, rugs, towels, toys, promotional items, bedding and more. Damask woven labels: The most popular type of woven labels are damask woven labels. It is made up of polyester […]

Woven Badges

Woven badges are produced just like woven labels, but are usually die cut to shape and have a fleece or heat seal backing. Woven badges can be sewn on or ironed on. Woven badges can also be made into key chains, dog tags, promotional items, and zipper pulls by inserting materials inside to give dimension […]

Embroidered Badges

Embroidered badges are mainly used to brand the outside of garments or bags, rather than used on the inside of garments, like woven or printed labels. Embroidered badges are threads embroidered onto a substrate, most typically cotton canvas with an embroidery machine. Generally, there are 3 styles, fully embroidered badge, partially embroidered badge, chenille embroidered […]

Printed Labels

Satin Printed Labels Cotton Printed labels Tyvek Printed Labels Satin printed labels are great if you are looking for making custom labels to go into t-shirts or infant clothing. As they are very soft to the skin. It’s also a great option if you are making custom care/content labels. Cotton printed labels are soft, natural looking labels […]

Hang Tags

Hang tags, or swing tickets are a key element of your garment branding, often being the first item of identification. Hang tags can be creatively produced in a range of materials with various processes and finishing options . Material Options Card & Paper Various Fabrics Plastic Processes Matt & Gloss Laminating Spot UV Foil Blocking […]